Scorpio Woman Traits

Scorpio Woman Traits

Come closer and look at common traits of a Scorpio woman. You may be surprised at her irresistible traits. This lovely lady is so complex, fascinating, magnetic, highly intelligent, and very courageous. Now, explore 4 important traits of a Scorpio woman:


A Scorpio woman has a reputation that she protects her secrets closely. This doesn’t mean that she can’t be chatty. However, you need to grasp that a Scorpio woman will turn on her charm and try to chat you up when she is talking about what she wants you to know, but keeps her true feelings which she holds deep in her heart. She will not speak until the time is right. A woman having this sign can treat her own secrets like precious treasures.


Keeping all of her secretes can create a rather intense personality. There are a lot of Scorpio women trying to conceal a mass of emotional intensity over every hurt and mistake that they have suffered before. They especially prefer to be quiet because they know that if they begin talking, all of the intensity many come out. They also have learned so well that no one can appreciate or handle such an emotional depth.

Aloof and calm

A Scorpio woman is quite aloof on the surface. It is so difficult to break her exterior. Even when you meet her several times, she still keeps the same style as last ones. Moreover, when liking someone, she even fixes the steely eyes on that person without any friendly gesture. That makes some men feel boring and a little bit scared. As knowing, the more she wants something, the less desires she displays. If having any fight happening to her love life, this woman will dare her partner to pack up and leave. It seems that this is her love tactic to check the strength of her lover. Don’t be fooled!

Sexy and Magnetic

A Scorpio woman is incredibly sexy and magnetic. This is her powerful weapon which can attract a lot of men. She has a charming and attractive smile. This lady will radiate the sexual energy anywhere she puts her feet on. That is the reason why she is considered a magnet.

In brief, she is a determined, fearless, poised, loyal, and ambitious woman. Not only having a great charm, allure, and inner strength, but she also is capable of overcoming most of the obstacles in her life. With her self-confident and self-possessed traits, she can stand on difficult situations steadily. These are mysterious qualities about a Scorpio woman.

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