Scorpio Dates

Scorpio Dates

A zodiac sign will be determined by a certain position of the sun at the time of your birth, which is observed from the earth. In order to end a tour around 12 zodiac signs, it may take the sun about 1 year. Scorpio dates period ranges from October 23rd to November 21st, which means that if you were given birth on October 23rd, the Sun sign or your own star sign will be posited on the cusp of Scorpio, or right before the end of the Libra. On the other hand, anyone born on November 21st or November 22nd will have his Sun sign placed at the end of Scorpio, or the cusp of Sagittarius. Moreover, the sun is supposed to travel around all zodiac signs within one year, which is just not exactly the year of 365 days, but more 25 days will be added, which just explains why we have leap years, and tend to plus one day to the calendar to make the year of 366 days. It’s the leap years which can make slight changes in every date of zodiac signs. Therefore, in case that you were born on October 23rd, please review the birth chart or the table of planetary positions to see if it’s your Scorpio or not. The horoscope report should base on the time and place of your birth to deliver the most accurate possible answers for your astrological sign.

Scorpio Dates

In order to get the exact results, it’s possible to go onto an array of psychic networks and several other websites having the instructions along with useful resources pertaining to horoscope. Please go to get your own horoscope in the complete form. Besides, everyone was born on October 23rd at the moment that your sun is lying at the end of Libra, which basically means that he’s possibly inherited by the combination of Scorpio and Libra in nature. As opposed to the above consideration, if the sun lies at the end of Scorpio, there’s a high possibility that you will have a mixture of both Scorpio and Sagittarius in personalities. It’s just the same as the situation that if the sun stands on the cusp of Sagittarius, there’s nothing to change the fact that you’re absolutely a Sagittarius. The reason for this fact is because every astrological sign right from the start has its most powerful strength, and its power will be decreased gradually until the end of its period. Moreover, one more interesting thing about this water sign is that Scorpio can’t have its all typical traits, but contain those of other signs due to its quality: the fixed water sign. For example, if a person was born from October 23rd to 31st, he still owns the typical traits of a Scorpio, but contains other respective qualities of Cancer, the cardinal water sign.

Scorpio Personality

The capable, professional, and cool exterior of Scorpio can’t be a good camouflage to hide the passionate, sharp, and intense Scorpio from the inside. He does not hesitate to do researches and make discoveries just to reach the unvarnished truths. Though not speaking at his highest pitch or showing extreme passion from the outside, Scorpio always makes sure that everything is well-done without being known by anyone. What we should call them are the greatest leaders who appear fully aware of every situation before coming to a conclusion. Also, when it comes to something serious like business, Scorpio will be spotted to be on the top in the company thanks to his goal-oriented and determined qualities. They’re the real observers and analysts who could find the potential opportunities to move forward and grow themselves stronger.

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