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You should use your judgment to sort out the best online psychic lists. There are several extensive lists out there; they do a great job of weeding out the genuine readers from the fly-by-nights. However, bear in mind that the psychic readers listed on these sites have to pay monthly fees to be touted by these sites. The public may not understand this fact.

Typically, free and low-cost readings are provided by students and novices so that they can obtain experience. Once they gain some experience under their belt, they usually raise their price. Many seekers noticed that readers who work on the side were usually cheaper (meaning they have a regular day job).

1. Most Expensive Readings
Online Psychic

Famous and well known online psychics are in such demand that their prices are very expensive. John Edward’s waiting list is eight years out at the time of this writing! Such celebrity psychics come down to demand and supply. There is a huge demand for his services, but he can only supply a limited number of readings per month. 

2. Average Priced Readings

Most professional readers stand in this category; they charge average prices. Many of these psychics are high quality, but choose to stand out of the spotlight. For example, an excellent medium said she would not need her own reality show even if she could earn a million dollars.

At the present, the average price of an online psychic reading should be at about $120 for one-hour session. This is for a session with a master who is experienced and well established. This price might seem high to the average person, but it really is a fair rate. Some seekers think that readers should give their gifts away for free, but do not take consideration of things like:

  • tuition cost
  • years of study
  • business expenses
  • private mentoring costs
  • the amount of energy that flows in a reading
3. Mid to High Range Cost

The next category includes those who are priced higher than the average. You need to pay several hundreds of dollars for an appointment with them. The online psychics in this category often:

  • Work as a psychic reader full time
  • Have a good reputation
  • Are well known but not super famous. For instance, they may be a popular spiritual blogger or are well known in their town.
  • Charge extra costs of rent, assistants, and advertising

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