Medium Chat Rooms – How to Avoid Psychic Shams That COULD Cost You a Small Fortune!

Medium Chat Rooms – How to Avoid Psychic Shams That COULD Cost You a Small Fortune!

Are you looking for a psychic “chat” buddy? Do you need immediate help, guidance or psychic support but don’t want to pay through the nose? Have you found yourself gravitating to those offers that promote psychic chat, or IM services to get INSTANT free psychic advice?

Before you DO… be WARNED! Most people who think that psychic chat rooms are free are going to find themselves sadly mistaken, and those who think they are even REAL are going to be in for an even bigger surprise. Curious to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look at some common questions, (and some genuine problems) immediately below.

Aren’t many psychic chat rooms free? How can that be a problem?

The truth is, there is very little in the professional psychic services industry that is free. And why SHOULD it be? The very best, legitimate psychics, clairvoyants and mediums don’t work for free any more often than your doctor does, or your mechanic would, or your landscaper should. Why people think that someone who has genuine psychic ability should have to work for “free”, simply because they have a gift… is something I will never truly understand.

That said…

Many unscrupulous psychic services, or individual intuitive’s will exploit this common tendency, and advertise free chat sessions or forums to “reel you in”. You’ll often find that these services are really bait and switch style programs which entice you with the appeal of free, and then will turn on high pressure sales tactics to convert you to a premium, paying customer or client shortly thereafter.

I’ve literally seen people been “robbed blind” by these style services and offers, especially those that emanate from over-seas forums and unscrupulous individuals that run personal psychic websites.

The BEST way to avoid these scams?

Always use a LEGITIMATE psychic network, service or hotline when entering into a “free chat” environment. Why? Because size matters. And a large network is NOT going to try to rip you off, simply because they have too much to lose. (and are far more likely to be an honest business, with professional affiliations, a code of conduct and REAL customer service to handle complaints)

The truth is, just like any other service industry, there ARE less than honest people out there, masquerading as legitimate and caring clairvoyants who want to help you. In truth, the worst of the worst, only want to help themselves, by tricking you into getting their hands in your pockets..:-) The GOOD news is, they are easy to avoid, and much the same way you’d be nervous about meeting a lawyer in a dark, unlit back alley, or in a shabby office with no waiting room or receptionist… you should feel the same way about fly by night forums, and ugly websites!

Stick with the PROVEN psychic services… and you’ll find your experiences are exciting, enlightening, entertaining and NEVER boring, I promise!

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