Lotus Tarot Reading

Some of the most difficult questions we have in our lives demand simple yes or no answers? When it comes to challenge, people are prone to find some help in the supernatural entity, especially the power of Tarot cards. The mysteries of Tarot are the incredible powers needed to find solutions to these puzzles. Among various kinds of Tarot reading, Lotus Tarot Reading is the one that most people find the best. Today, we are going to discover how to find yes or no answers through Tarot cards. Allow the mysteries of the Lotus Tarot cards to enlighten you on your life’s journey.

How to ask the Tarot Deck yes or no Questions
Lotus Tarot Reading

There is a fork in your road. The path you choose will considerably affect your future. However, the future is in a constant state of action. The decisions we make today may change our future. Therefore, it is very difficult to find answers to yes or no questions. The involvements of the answers are huge.

The Tarot is a method of divination. Most people tend to use One Card Reading to obtain a yes or no answer from the Tarot deck. Simply shuffle and pick up one card. The way you interpret that card depends on what type of emotion that card sees from you.

The Lotus card represents a new beginning after long stormy days. The day follows the night; the sun rises and dispels the darkness. The Lotus card summons positive emotions or a Yes. If the card recalls negative feelings, then the answer is No.

In fact, each card may summon a different emotion in each person, depending on who is doing the reading. This is the magic of the Tarot. Have we already had the solutions to all our problems? The answers will come from our psyche and hidden soul. Once we meditate on the question, the cards can summon different emotions. The Tarot is revealing voices and messages that our Inner God is trying to tell us.

How to Prepare Questions for Lotus Tarot Reading
  • Ask questions that are going to draw a positive change in your life. More specifically, you should ask questions that are going to motivate you, not hinder you.
  • You need to construct an intense belief in solutions to get the best advice and guidance.
  • Only ask questions that involve you personally. A Lotus Tarot Reading will not work well for questions that solely affect someone else.

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