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Tarot can offer answers to any crucial question relating to all factors of your life, such as love, money, career, relationship, health, and so on. Do not rush into spontaneous decisions that could lead you to negative consequences. Instead, you should consult Lotus Tarot Reading Online for accurate guidance. The cards will only answer those questions close to your heart, not nobody else’s. No matter how difficult your questions might be, Tarot cards are always willing to offer solutions and guidance to a fulfilled life. Here are the top five most popular Yes or No questions you should ask a Tarot deck.

1. Should I take the job?
Lotus Tarot Reading Online

Whenever we decide to change career, it means we want to escape a bad situation and go toward a better growth. However, changing jobs does involve risks, which makes every employee feel funk when they are looking for a new job. The ace of swords is the symbol of strength and boldness.

2. Should I take the class?

It is difficult to choose our life’s purpose and direction. Sometimes we want to take a course, but still be reluctant because we do not know whether the class is useful for us or just a waste-of-time activity. If you have the three of pentacles in your Lotus Tarot Reading Online, congratulations! This card represents a new career path and a new direction in your lives.

3. Should I buy this house?

For most people, purchasing a house is one of the biggest financial decisions they have ever had to make. It could also be a new step in a relationship. If you pick up the six of wands from the Tarot deck, an ambitious plan will be fulfilled.

4. Does he/she love me?

It is the question that is often asked by many seekers when they come to Lotus Tarot Reading Online. The question initiates from a feeling of insecurity. Do you love yourself? Are you worth being loved? The knight of wands will advise you to trust your own intuition and believe in yourself.

5. Should I have a baby?

Most women feel reluctant when thinking of bringing a new soul into the world. Are you ready to become a mom? Are you sure your spouse will be happy with his/her new responsibility? Is your finance stable? If you see the star card, then maybe it is time to have a baby since it is the sign of new blessings and a period of hope.

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