Jump Manual free online

Jump Manual free online

The Jump Manual is the best vertical jump program & training package that will help you to gain atleast 10 inches to your vertical within 12 weeks. The Jump Manual has been created by Jacob. Jacob has trained high school, nba, college and olympic athletes to jump higher. He’s the developer of the so called “jump explosion technique” that helps anyone to maximize their potential. Jacob has helped many athletes to gain 40+ verticals and now, he’s going to help you with his high jump training package!

Here are some of the things you’ll be learning from the Jump Manual:

The 9 facets of an incredible vertical and how to systematically improve in each one to create an explosive synergy.
How to increase vertical and jump higher
Why Strength X Quickness= Explosion and the most effective and proven methods to increase both.
Understanding plyometrics and how to use it to your advantage
Resistance training
How to recruit and train all muscles involved in the vertical jump
Advanced flexibility techniques to strengthen your muscles, provide leverage to your movements, and allow your muscles to contract more powerfully
Targeted improvements on your jumping form – this alone could increase your vertical by 2-4 inches
Correct diet to allow muscle recovery for faster gains and greater injury prevention

With The Jump Manual you’ll get the best vertical jump training. You’ll be able to gain 10 inches to your vertical within 12 weeks. The Jump Manual program is backed by 60 days full money back guarantee but it’s not just a “regular guarantee”. Jacob Hiller is so confident about his program that he guarantees you will gain at least 10 inches in your first 12 weeks or he will give you all the money back.

If you really want to increase your vertical jump, then you need to read the Jump Manual. It is a sure way to increase your vertical, and it provides all the information you need. If anybody studying this can be also attempting to improve their jumps for basketball or any other sport, then I’d strongly recommend the Jump Manual by Jacob Hiller to them. It’s undoubtedly the secret ingredient you were trying to find.

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