Interpretations for Better Free Online Tarot Card Reading

Free Online Tarot Card Reading
Free Online Tarot Card Reading

In a free online tarot card reading, there are many things considered by the reader. After all, each card has a variety of aspects which can affect its meanings, roles and interpretations. Knowing these aspects can be helpful for you. With the knowledge, you can determine if you are getting free online tarot reading accurate. Here are the aspects you should know about.

The Aspects
  • The Major Arcana
  • Tarot cards are divided into the two houses or arcana. The ones in the major arcana are considered to be the most powerful cards. They are representative of the major aspects in a person’s life such as love and career. They can signify changes on a personal or spiritual level.

  • The Minor Arcana
  • All the other tarot cards fall under the Minor Arcana. They govern the more regular aspects of a person’s life. This includes the situations and the events that can occur on daily basis. The Minor Arcana is further divided into four suits. Each suit symbolizes a particular element. There are 14 cards in each suit

  • The Suit of Cups
  • These tarot cards are symbolic of the water element. They govern the all the emotions of the individual such as love, joy, loneliness and friendship.

  • The Suit of Wands
  • Fire is the element of these tarot cards. They are representative of the passions and courage. They govern the career and ambition of the person.

  • The Suit of Swords
  • The Swords are the element of air. As such, these tarot cards will govern the intellect, the mind and communication.

  • The Suit of Pentacles
  • This suit is the element of earth. These tarot cards symbolize the physical reality. As a result, they deal mainly with money, finance, health and the home. At the same time, they can represent fortitude, solidity and stability.

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