How to Understand Free Online Tarot Cards?

Free Online Tarot Cards
Free Online Tarot Cards

You may have been sufficiently impressed by free online tarot cards to think about learning about them. It will take some time before you become completely proficient in reading the cards but it is certainly possible. The first step to becoming a reader is to learn and understand the different cards in the deck. All the cards in the deck are divided into separate sections and you need to understand the classification as they are critical to the interpretation of the cards.

The Deck
  • Major Arcana
  • Of the 78 cards in a deck, 22 cards are classified as major arcana. These cards are numbered from 1 to 21 along with an unnumbered card. They are often considered to be the most important of all the cards as they represent various archetypes. They are highly meaningful as well. As such, nearly all free online tarot card readings use these cards.

  • Minor Arcana
  • The other cards in the deck are classified as minor arcana. These tarot cards are further broken down into suits with 14 cards each. All of these cards are more about the daily activities and aspects in the life of a person.

  • The Suit of Cups
  • The tarot cards in this suit deal with the emotional level. They are associated with the element of water.

  • The Suit of Pentacles
  • These cards deal with the material aspects of life such as money, business and work. They are linked with the element of earth.

  • The Suit of Wands
  • These tarot cards deal with spiritual level. They are about the primal energies of life, strength, creativity and inspiration among others. This suit is associated with the element of fire.

  • The Suit of Swords
  • These cards deal with the mental level and associated with action, force, change and courage. They are associated with the element of air.

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