How To Date A Scorpio Woman

In order to win the heart of a Scorpio woman, the obvious thing to think about for the first time is that it’s not easy to succeed at all. Scorpio woman is well-known for her mystery when it’s the first time meeting each other. People having this star sign would also like the idea of meeting people who actually make them get intrigued, so the best try at this sign would be about your appropriate wooing for sure.

How To Date A Scorpio Woman

How to make a date with a Scorpio woman? Especially when we know that it’s the sign that can dance with its power in which she’s able to test the other person’s strength to make sure that you could possibly become her potential lover. For her, the Scorpio woman is into finding out who you really are, and can get herself drawn to one of those noticeable traits owned by you. The most popular personalities that a Scorpio woman would love about her ideal man: great determination, ambition, deep spirituality, and self-control.

First, bear in mind that do not tell all, for example, the sex life tips. Do not be proud so soon of your long and intense dating history, and would use it as a great tool to get a Scorpio woman tempted. The most common reason for this is because she will get more horrified at your revelation of the sexual secrets or tips, since she just does not care about it, but only concerns how you would treat her in a relationship.

Being a discreet man in her eyes will give you one plus in your wooing. For her, such man will not betray her most confidential secrets to others. Therefore, there are some important things to keep in mind on your first date with a Scorpio woman:

  • Maintain the conversation in a neutral color, but do not ignore to include more fascinating topics.
  • Do not be afraid of telling her about any accomplishment you’ve achieved.
  • You could wear a little bit of subtle cologne on the body.
  • Observe her two eyes for further clues for you to take the next step, or find the best way to get her interested.
  • Make sure to respond to the body language and any suggestive look.

One of the biggest issues with a Scorpio woman is respect and mutual trust. She would prefer to experience a slow start and a slow setup, where mutual trust would be the best foundation for her and her partner to prevent from getting hurt in a love relationship. Do not expect her to respond to any man who is sentimental, since she only does that with the one having gestures and manner of devotion.

As you know, Scorpio is actually a Water sign, so its major concern would be about feelings. If you want to detect any boastful person who actually has no actually life experience, then this woman having this sign would be the one you should ask for help. She’s got such a sharp and solid sense of her own strengths and weak points.

The best advice for any man who wants to chase after a Scorpio woman is to be honest about yourself, and do not rush to let yourself fall into any supposed extreme, or let yourself stick to the overconfidence. Note that she does not like to be teased, so just respect her internal needs at first. When you like to go even deeper in a relationship, ensure to give her some space and time to consider everything.

Scorpio Woman’s Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Scorpio woman is mostly known for her greatly charming nature in mysterious way. To be frank, such a woman is totally able to appeal any man by her natural beauty, mysterious charm, and her other strengths.
  • This woman has the occult ability or so-called intuition to be able to view through anyone’s inner side to determine whether he’s genuine or not.
  • Scorpio woman can be called as the most passionate lover in the planet, and also the most secretive person as well in the zodiac system. Loyalty is also easily seen within her.


  • She’s highly obsessive and envious, and sometimes too possessive when in love.
  • She can be excessive about everything at times.
  • She’s also a manipulative woman.

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