Horoscope of Scorpio

Every year, the Sun enters Scorpio around 23rd October and transits through it until 21st November. According to Horoscope of Scorpio, the Scorpio-bearers are not shy at all, but when they are hurt, they escape completely and hide behind their shell. However, the Scorpios are exceedingly intense, passionate and certainly cannot be taken lightly. They do not forget and forgive easily, and they are likely to be very vengeful and secretive.

Scorpio Characteristics
Name of Sign Scorpio
Symbol Scorpion, Snake, and Eagle
Element Water
Quality Fixed
Ruling Planet Pluto and Mars
Detriment Venus
Exaltation Uranus
Fall The Moon
Birth Colors Red and Violet
Birthstone Opal, Ruby, and Bloodstone
Other Lucky Colors Green and Blue
Lucky Day Tuesday
Compatible Signs Cancer and Pisces
Best sign for partnership Taurus
Deepest need To penetrate and transform
Quality most needed for balance A wider view of things
Plants and Flowers Dark, heather red flowers like geraniums, rhododendrons, and thorny- plants 
The Symbols Denote Resilience, Persistence, Hidden Wish to Succeed
Characteristics Fierce, Focused, Negative, Mute, Watery, and Unemotional 
Positive Qualities Ambitious, Action-Oriented, Devoted, Eloquent, Energetic, Fearless, Patient, Passionate, Pleasant, Tenacious, and Thoughtful
Negative Qualities Destructive, Emotionally Hardened, Intolerant, Possessive, Ruthless, Sarcastic, Shrewd,  Suspicious, and Vindictive
2015 Yearly Horoscope of Scorpio
Horoscope of Scorpio

Scorpio is finally breaking out of the dark tunnel that seemed to last for an eternity. They are going to reincarnate into greatness instead of feeling like a ghost in their own life. Saturn is almost finished with their stars for good. The overall theme takes a significant turn from all of the loss and rebirth. The new phase is about breaking from the borders of fear, darkness, and insecurity. They have possibly been to hell and back, and now they are ready for a serious relaxation from all of the heaviness that started at the end of 2012.

This is the true, radical beginning that Scorpio have been waiting for in three years. Enough with feeling anxious, depleted, and exhausted; they are ready to return to life with abandon. They are totally blessed to redefine themselves due to the powerful Phoenix they have. Scorpio-borns are ready to enjoy exciting, new landscapes of their own choosing. 2015 is here to restore their faith in life and humanity. Their inner gypsy is happy while travel is their medicine. Jupiter is going to shine brightly at the top of their chart for the first half of the year, which will bring plenty of opportunities to mix creativity with worldly experience. According to Horoscope of Scorpio, they are definitely on a quest for truth and meaning.

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