Scorpio is all about extremes and intensity. They are deep, intense people who have a very penetrative mind. They always ask questions and try to delve deeper to figure things out and control the situation. They endlessly want to know why, where and any other possible detail of everything in the world. Read Horosc to know more about Scorpio!

What does Horosc say about Scorpio?

Scorpios are very hesitant about trusting people. They tend to gain their trust after everybody has passed their ‘trust tests’ successfully. These people love deeply and intensely. They are inclined to dominate and control anyone; they do not let anyone find them weak. In fact, behind the cool appearance is a sensitive, weak heart that is easy to get hurt.

The Scorpios treat their beloved with kindness, loyalty, and generosity. They have great secretiveness and mystery, magnetically drawing people to them. They are well known to be controlling and overly ambitious but only because the feeling of control makes them feel safe.

Scorpios are complicated, and thus relationships with them are complicated, too. These people are as moody as a pendulum of a clock. Their emotions are up and down instantly for no apparent reason. They can be extremely excited but then depressed five minutes later, according to Horosc.

Possessiveness and jealousy are two negative hallmarks of Scorpios. On the other side, they are extremely loyal. If you are honest with a Scorpio friend, in return you will have an amazing friend who will be loyal to you and always keeps promises. Their truthful and wonderful sense of humor is different than those of any other zodiac signs. The Scorpio makes an interesting, trustworthy friend whom you always want to have in your life.

Scorpios make excellent doctors, scientists, surgeons, or any form of business that creates a difference in the world and greatly impacts the society. Most importantly, Scorpio has to be the leader in any career they take. Scorpios finds it easy to gather wealth; they make wise decisions, and they are also wise about spending their money. They are famous for making money and hiding it; they are afraid of being used and fooled by other people – like Horosc said.

The only lesson in life for those born from October 23 to November 21 is to transfer their powerful energy into positive goals. They must not succumb to the darkest forces in life such as greed and manipulation. Once they absorb this lesson, they will then gain great success in their life, a happy conscience, and a group of friends whom they can trust and hold dear to them.

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